Is Your Website Mobile-friendly?

‘Mobile-friendliness’ is considered as one of the significant ranking factors, and it has  been a huge wakeup call for businesses, developers, and digital marketers who haven’t been proactive to optimise their website for mobile.

According to InMobi, about 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and other research results show that the amount of online shoppers using mobile devices has been increased. Moreover, having mobile-friendly website is good for your SEO Sydney. Mobile is no more an option, your users are on the move, and you would better be too.

Whether your website is there to capture leads or obtain sales, you must make sure that it works seemingly with all the latest devices such as smartphone, ipads, and tablets. In short, your webpage must have a responsive web design that will respond to any device or display, be it a smartphone or LCD screen.

Benefits of having a mobile-friendly website 

  • Positive ranking signal
  • Improve mobile conversation rate
  • Enhance user experience
  • Faster download speed
  • Cost-effective than developing an application for your site

Non-friendly websites will lose traffic and increase bounce rate 

Websites that are not mobile-friendly will be penalised. To identify how it can impact on your website and SEO Melbourne, you can determine the percentage of traffic comes from tablets and mobile devices through Google Analytics. Click back and bouncing rate are the two significant aspects of a website that Google considers it as ranking factors Bounce rate is when a user does not click the other webpage on your website. A user will leave the website by moving to another webpage or by clicking a link that will leave the site. Click back is when a user visits a webpage and find out it is irrelevant for them or not attractive, and then clicks the back button on their browser. Google will track the amount of time a user has spent on the webpage before they clock back.

So if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, a user may bounce back to another site that is mobile friendly or will quickly click back to the search results (low click). Google tracks both these factors and assumes that your website has irrelevant content, and you won’t be ranked anymore. This is how MobieGeddon affects your SEO Sydney.

Mobile shopping is taking over 

The website responsive design is ever more imperative when it comes to online shopping. Users have started to use their mobile devices when shopping and buying products online. IBM reported that mobile traffic had exceeded PC internet traffic. So, enhancing the mobile shopping experience is essential to increase your sales.

So, concentrate on Mobile SEO Brisbane as well. Don’t ignore your mobile users and let your traffic drop off. Ensure your webpage is mobile-friendly!