Why Should I Get Managed IT Services?

Virtually every business needs the services of the IT department, but what if you do not have the resources to have an in-house expert or the necessary infrastructure? In 2017, managed services represented 22% of the service revenues.

The dynamic technology has led to the overburdening of the IT departments in many enterprises. This along with the following reasons have caused more organizations to enlist managed IT services.

  • Access to the latest technologies

One of the perks of making use of managed IT services is that you can count on the use of continually upgraded systems without additional fees or incurring any financial risks. Investing in IT managed system will solve your labor constraints and keep your IT department from continually having to catch-up with new technology.

  • Data security

Cybersecurity is a serious threat to businesses, with most of them preferring to pay for cybersecurity issues rather than handle it themselves. A company offering managed IT services has the ability to access security regulations and add managed security protocols and procedures. They also have access to up-to-date infrastructure and software that comply with the best practices.

  • A proactive rather than reactive approach towards IT problems

What sets managed IT services team apart from the in-house teams is their approach towards IT issues. While the former uses a proactive approach, in most cases the latter uses management by crisis. Mitigating problems before they occur is an effective way of saving both time and money.

  • Better uptime

Advanced network security coupled with managed IT service providers’ proactive approach in addressing latent risks, you are guaranteed of minimal to no system failures and downtimes. Such downtimes only cause your team frustrations and they could even halt your company’s activities.

  • Access to cloud solutions

In April 2017, it was predicted that in the ensuing 15 months, 80% of all the IT budgets would be committed to managed services such as cloud solutions and apps. Not every business has resources at its disposal to obtain and benefit from cloud solutions. Through IT managed services, you can obtain cloud services and maintain your competitive edge.

  • Free up internal staff

Enlisting the services of managed IT service provider frees up most of the tasks from your overburdened IT staff. The in-house team can then concentrate on strategic IT plans rather than always be in the catch-up mode. This will help achieve the core objectives of your business.

  • Peace of mind

You will neither have to worry about your daily IT operations nor second-guess your system’s reliability and speed. Managed IT services will often identify and deal with issues within the system before you are aware they could be there. This allows you to be productive and concentrate on your core competencies.

Managed IT services make use of the most suitable delivery models to streamline processes and give you the chance to take advantage of the latest technologies. Increase your competitive advantage by having a team provide for you.